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With a Talent CRM platform, empower your hiring team to effortlessly navigate the recruitment journey — from source to hire, build long-lasting relationships with candidates, and achieve better hiring results.

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What is a Talent CRM platform?

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and candidates gain more power, the Talent CRM platform has become an essential tool for HR professionals. It’s an all-in-one platform that helps recruiters build and maintain relationships with both current and future candidates, store and track candidate information, automate tasks, and analyze data to optimize the hiring process.

Transform your hiring process
with Talent CRM's toolkit

Inbound-Outbound sourcing

Discover ideal candidates for vacant positions with a thorough inbound and outbound sourcing strategy. With Humbird AI, you can consistently attract and engage with candidates through multiple channels and build a qualified talent pipeline for current and future job openings.

Recruitment marketing

Attract top talent with engaging recruitment campaigns, compelling job postings on social media, and unique career sites that showcase your brand. Establish a strong employer brand that sets you apart as a desirable place to work.

Recruitment automation

Free up your time with Humbird AI. Automate repetitive tasks like scheduling interviews, sending emails manually to candidates, and reviewing hundreds of profiles and focus more on engaging with candidates proactively throughout the hiring cycle.

Talent database

With our all-in-one talent CRM, you can source candidate profiles through various methods, capture relevant information, and build and manage a database of potential candidates. Whenever there’s a need to fill a position, reach out to candidates that match the requirement.

NPS & Survey feedback

Gather candidate feedback at various stages of the hiring process and refine your hiring process. Provide candidates with smooth, unforgettable experiences and increase the chances of them becoming valuable brand ambassadors for your organization.

Pipeline analytics

With Humbird AI, create custom reports and dashboards to identify the most effective sourcing channels, areas that slow down the hiring process, and stages where candidates drop off, and improve your hiring strategy accordingly.

Invest in a Talent CRM and gain significant benefits

Build interview-ready candidate pools

Design targeted email sequences and build long-term relationships with potential hires. This way, you'll have a pool of job-ready candidates that you can tap into any time you have an open position to fill.

Prioritize candidate experience

Send timely, personalized messages throughout the recruitment process and keep candidates engaged and reduce drop-outs. That way, ensure positive candidate experiences and reduce the likelihood of losing top candidates to competitors.

Eliminate bias in recruitment

Leverage AI screening to evaluate shortlisted candidate profiles and ensure that your recruitment process is objective and unbiased. This can help you meet your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals.

Reduce recruitment costs

With our talent CRM system, you can automate manual processes and leverage your existing candidate database to quickly identify and engage with top talent

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