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The bumpy road of recruitment

As former leaders in engineering and product management at Zoho and Lowe's, we worked closely with talent acquisition teams to hire employees for different functions. While we had an established ATS, the process of hiring new talent was often time-consuming and required a significant amount of time and energy. Despite implementing various communication tools to streamline the process, we identified communication issues between candidates and hiring managers as a primary factor contributing to these delays.  As product managers, we have an inherent problem-solving mindset, which motivated us to delve deeper and work towards improving the overall talent acquisition process.

Introducing Humbird AI

Upon examining the overall recruitment process and strategies across various companies, we've noticed a paradigm shift in the talent market over the past decade. The job market has evolved from being employer-driven to talent-driven, resulting in increased competition and complexity in hiring. Talent acquisition teams are now responsible for building strong talent pipelines through inbound and outbound strategies, ensuring a positive candidate experience, promoting diversity, and maintaining the company's brand identity.

We recognized that the traditional applicant tracking system(ATS) is no longer sufficient to meet the evolving needs of both candidates and recruiters. Talent acquisition teams need a platform that can support them in adopting sales and marketing techniques to source candidates, engage with them throughout the entire talent lifecycle, and convert them into employees faster. And, that’s why we founded Humbird AI— a new-age talent CRM designed to address the unique challenges faced by talent acquisition teams today.


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We're tech enthusiasts who collaborate with our customers to solve everyday problems with intelligent technology.


Our customer-centric approach guides everything we do, from product development to support, to ensure that we deliver solutions that meet our customers' needs.


We like to stay on top of trends and strive for mastery in our work through continuous learning and innovation in our products and processes.

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