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June 6, 2023
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10 free websites for recruiters to stay up-to-date in recruitment

10 free websites for recruiters to stay up-to-date in recruitment

The recruitment landscape has undergone a huge transformation in the last few years. Today, a recruiter needs to have diverse skillsets and knowledge across various departments. But at the same time, it is tough to find the right quality resources to catch up daily amid random overflowing articles and videos. Here, we've curated a list of the top 10 free websites for recruiters, that can help you consume the latest trends happening in worldwide recruitment.

1. The Undercover recruiter

This is one of the top go-to blog spaces dedicated to recruiters. Undercoverrecruiter covers the latest trends and provides many solutions for the "how-to’ questions on recruiters’ minds. You can find a variety of content, including articles, blog posts, interviews, and guides, covering a wide range of topics within the recruitment domain. You can easily grasp a lot of insights on sourcing, attracting top talent, candidate experience, and employer branding aspects. In addition, various industry leaders are providing guest contributions by sharing their perspectives and experiences.

2. ERE

Provides valuable resources in the talent acquisition space by classifying different categories such as hiring, internal recruiting, DEI, labor market, technology, and leading recruitment brands sponsored webinars. Whether it's exploring new recruitment methods, understanding market dynamics, or learning about best practices, this is your go-to destination to grasp all the trends and enhance your recruitment effectiveness.

3. SocialTalent

A dedicated e-learning platform for the talent acquisition teams to fuel their recruitment knowledge, and they are also offering training for talent acquisition teams to achieve hiring ROIs. It empowers individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills that are essential to identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent in the current competitive job market. The website provides valuable insights into sourcing strategies, candidate engagement, employer branding, and recruitment technology, suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.


Provides exclusive magazines, webinars, and news resources for the human resources teams with the mission of "Better workplaces, better world". You can find a wide range of resources, tools, and insights on various aspects of human resource management. The platform also offers professional development opportunities, including certifications, conferences, and networking events, allowing HR professionals to connect with other fellows and enhance their knowledge.

5. People Matters

This website covers areas such as talent acquisition, employee engagement, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and organizational culture. Peoplematters offers a diverse range of content to cater to the needs of HR practitioners. The site also features industry reports, research papers, and case studies to help HR professionals stay informed about growing trends and best practices in the industry.

6. IHR - In-house Recruitment

A dedicated platform for in-house recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. It serves as a center for the latest news, insights, and resources in the field of internal recruitment. The website provides a range of valuable content, covering topics such as candidate sourcing, employer branding, candidate experience, and recruitment technology. In addition, it offers a directory of recruitment service providers and events specifically tailored for in-house recruiters. It's definitely an essential destination for professionals seeking to optimize their internal recruitment processes and enhance their overall strategies.

7. HR Exchange Network

HR Exchange Network is a platform covering industry news and trends for human resources professionals and thought leaders to empower the HR community. It serves as a knowledge-sharing platform that provides access to a wide range of resources. It offers valuable insights, best practices, and industry trends to help HR professionals stay informed and make informed decisions. Additionally, the website features virtual and in-person events, conferences, and networking opportunities, allowing professionals to connect, share experiences, and collaborate with the community.

8. HR Trend Institute

The HR Trend Institute follows, detects, and encourages trends in the people, organization domains and other related areas. With a strong emphasis on emerging trends, the website highlights key developments and insights for HR practices. It’s a valuable resource for HR professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve, get the best inspiration, and discover best practices to drive organizational success.

9. CiteHR.Com

Cietehr is a dedicated platform for carrying out discussions between HR professionals. It is designed to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration within the human resources community. It serves as a vibrant forum where HR professionals, practitioners, and experts can connect, ask questions, and share their insights and experiences, so that you can easily get exposure to real-time industry happenings.


This platform features virtual and in-person events, conferences, and training programs and provides opportunities for HR professionals to enhance their skills. It serves as a hub for industry news, insights, resources, and networking opportunities for HR professionals. Surely, a go-to destination for professionals looking to stay informed, access practical tools, and engage with peers in the HR field.

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