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Vijayanand Kailash
May 9, 2023
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The countdown is over: Humbird AI is here

The countdown is over: Humbird AI is here

Today marks the culmination of our efforts as we prepare to launch our product. Humbird AI is now live and available for everyone to use. While we know that this is just the beginning of our journey, it is incredibly rewarding to see our hard work pay off as we witness Humbird AI in action and receive valuable feedback from our beta users.

It's hard to believe that I left my comfortable and well-compensated job at Zoho to embark on the journey of becoming a co-founder of Humbird AI. The decision was not an easy one, but I was fortunate to have like-minded and passionate co-founders by my side who nudged me to take the plunge and join them on this crazy but rewarding adventure.

Our journey: Navigating the ups and downs of recruitment

During more than a decade working as product managers at Zoho and Lowes, team building was an important aspect of our role. We worked with a variety of teams, including engineering, product management, customer support, marketing, and sales, and frequently participated in the hiring process. And, I must say it was one aspect of the job that I didn't quite enjoy. Even though we had an established ATS in place, finding the right candidate could take over a month. The hiring process was challenging at every stage, as it involved a lot of manual tasks and frequent coordination with HR to fill the open positions. If you are an HR, I am sure you know what I am talking about. While we tried implementing various communication systems to streamline the recruitment process, we found that although it did help speed up the process to some extent, there were still some communication gaps between the candidates and HR.

Realizing the challenges we were facing, we decided to talk to our friends in the HR department and dig deeper. We learned that companies were now setting up Talent Acquisition (TA) teams with hierarchical structures to find the best-fit candidates for various roles. The traditional way of hiring was no longer sufficient, and TA teams were responsible for building a quality talent pipeline by implementing both inbound and outbound strategies to find the best-fit candidates faster.

Not only were hiring teams facing new and complex challenges, we observed that the job market had shifted towards a candidate-driven landscape, where candidates hold more power and influence in the hiring process than ever before. And, companies must compete to attract and retain top talent. It's no longer enough to simply post a job opening and wait for applications to roll in. Instead, companies must take an active approach and focus on building strong employer brands, providing a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, and offering competitive compensation and benefits packages.

That’s exactly the point where we knew what we are going to build—a next-gen Talent CRM platform to make the talent acquisition team's job easier and address all the unique challenges that they face every day.

Introducing Humbird AI

We invite you to try out Humbird AI and experience first-hand how a platform like this can help you meet your recruitment goals.

Powered by automation and AI, Humbird AI is a talent CRM platform designed for competitive, goal-seeking talent acquisition (TA) teams. You can think of it as a go-to platform to manage all your source-to-hire tasks. It can help you automate tasks, centralize all candidate data and interactions in one place, and analyze data to optimize the hiring process.

Overcome hiring hurdles at every stage

Our goal is to equip ambitious hiring teams with a comprehensive set of top-notch tools.

Candidate relationship

Engage candidates at every step in the hiring process, not just to hire them but also to build a long-term relationship with the company through continuous engagement and a positive experience.

Recruitment marketing

Take initiatives to establish a strong employer brand and hire proactively in the midst of fierce competition for top talent.

Recruitment automation

Devise a stress-free day for recruiters to eliminate tedious tasks and prioritize fostering strong connections with job candidates.

What's next?

Our efforts are directed at integrating state-of-the-art AI tools and forging stronger integrations to improve Humbird AI capabilities, with a goal to simplifying recruitment processes and tackling everyday problems.

Don't let the talent war bring you down! Join us as an early customer to avail an exclusive offer.

Thank you again for your support, and we hope that you enjoy using Humbird AI as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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