Modernize hiring with new-age Talent CRM

Build a high-performing talent team with Humbird AI. We offer everything you need to simplify hiring at every step and recruit the right talent for your growing business.

AI-powered screening
Automated sequences
Interview scheduling
Two-way texting
Customizable pipelines

Personalize hiring strategies for unique needs


Every job opening is unique. Design a customized playbook that fits your unique hiring strategy and engage candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Combine all sourcing techniques, make decisions faster
Automate communication with candidates, engage better
Gain control over all tools and stakeholders, hire at scale

Smoothly transition from sourcing to success

Source and build high-quality talent pipelines

Access enrich profiles with contact details from across the internet in one place. Quickly qualify best-fit candidates with our AI-driven matching and screening features, and use filters to refine your search and build a talent pipeline ready to go when you are.

Engage candidates across channels

Send personalized messages by SMS and email and stay connected with applicants throughout the hiring process. Track engagement metrics for every outreach and understand what resonates with your candidates. Also, with our synced inbox, manage all your communication across channels in one place.

Qualify and screen candidates in minutes

Easily qualify candidate profiles based on AI-based relevance score. You can further filter top matches Β with customizable evaluations and rules, while our platform takes care of manual tasks such as resume parsing, screening, and interview scheduling.

Convert top talent into new hires with ease

Recruiters can schedule interviews, automate paperwork, track offers and negotiations, and efficiently convert selected candidates into new hires. In addition, they can monitor and analyze post-hire data to improve their hiring processes for the future.

Measure the KPIs that matter most

Create custom reports and dashboards that enable you to drill down on key metrics and identify areas for improvement in your hiring process. You can even track hiring progress and allocate resources accordingly to meet hiring goals.


Unify your recruiting tech stack

Integrate Humbird AI with tools you use every day, including ATS, job boards, and productivity and communications apps, and gain greater control over your recruitment activities.

Empower everyone across the board

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Talent acquisition Specialists

Meet hiring goals on time
Attract top talent
Build quality pipelines
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Recruitment Managers

Build and manage TA team
Enhance candidate experience
Drive hiring efficiency
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Human Resource Business Partners

Meet talent acquisition goals
Enhance employer brand
Build diverse workforce