The Silver Bullet Solution for
Proactive Hiring

Maximize efficiency of your hiring process with advanced AI capabilities to proactively attract, engage, and convert potential talent for interviews.

Unleash the power of outbound and automation in your approach

Simplify and streamline your outreach process, automate mundane tasks with AI and cultivate long lasting relationships with your candidates

10X your candidate response rate

Increase your recruitment team's productivity in managing every day tasks


Qualify candidates before reaching out to them, engage with unmatched effectiveness across various channels and ensure a seamless candidate journey from source to hire.

Multi-channel campaign
Personalized outreach
Send on-behalf
Generative AI

Reduce your hiring cycle by 50%

Drive continuous candidate engagement across every stage


Craft a unique end-to-end recruitment process tailored to each job opening. Effortlessly manage your talent pipeline and fuel your recruitment success with advanced AI capabilities.

Candidate sourcing
Smart candidate scoring
Phone screening
Sync with your ATS

Let Humbird handle your mundane.

Increase your recruitment team's productivity in managing every day tasks


Automate time-consuming activities, enabling your team to focus on high-value initiatives. From resume screening to interview scheduling, experience enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Candidate Journey
Re-engage silver medalists
Interview scheduling
ATS automation

Stop juggling between multiple applications

Consolidate all data and tasks in one place, eliminating errors and miscommunication among team members. Seamlessly integrate with a range of tools, from ATS to productivity and communication platforms, to keep information up-to-date.

Let's 10x your TA team's efficiency

With our talent CRM system, you can automate manual processes and leverage your existing candidate database to quickly identify and engage with top talent

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